Stillwater Distillery offers an array of custom distilling services to help your brand offer some of the best artisan spirits around. Our veteran distiller, Tim Welch, will work with you to help bring your brand's vision to life. Whether you are in-need of distilling, bottling, storage, or blending services, Stillwater can help take your brand to the next level.



500 gallon Vendome Copper Column Pot Still

40 gallon Jacob Carl Stainless Steel/Copper bottom Column Pot Still

550 gallon Yabuta Stainless Steel Vacuum Still


Services & Pricing

Crushing & Fermenting: Fee based on contract

Macerations:  Fee based upon request

Infusions:  Fee based upon request

Price per Still Run (Yabuta & Vendome):  $1,000.00

Price per Still Run (Carl):  $500.00

Price per Grappa Still Run:  $2,000.00

(2 - 1/2 ton bins per run – light press for maximum volume)

Price per Grappa Still Run:  $1,200.00

(1 - 1/2 ton bin per run – light press for maximum volume)


Distilling for Wineries

$3.00 per wine gallon below 500 gallons (minimum 250 gallons)

$2.50 per wine gallon above 500 gallons

Analysis:  Fee based per request

Transfer in Bond (bringing in spirits from another DSP):  $500 per transfer

Fictitious Business Name Statements: $500

Federal and State Label Approvals: $500

Formula Approval: $500

Blending & Proofing: $250 per 500 gallons

Miscellaneous Additions:  Fee based upon request

Filtering: Set up Fee $250 + $1 per gallon + cost of filters

- $500 minimum per lot, all filtration materials are extra.

Filter Change Over Fee: $100

Bottling: Set up Fee $250 + $6 per case-12 bottles, $4 per case-6 bottle     

- $750 minimum

- Additional labor:  $25/hour, Overtime: $37.50/hour

- Client packaging request that require extra handling or a slower production rate will result in additional charges.

Bottling Change Over Fee: $250



Bonded Barrel Storage: $25/month or $250/year per barrel

Bonded Tank Storage: $200/month or $2000/year per tank

Bonded Pallet of Spirit Storage: $100/month or $1000/year per pallet


Spirits for Blending

- 100% Cabernet Sauvignon, Cole Ranch-Mendocino Brandy 80% (160 proof): $55.00 per gal.

- 100% Cabernet Sauvignon Brandy 80% alc./vol. (160 proof): $50.00 per gal.

- 100% Wood Aged Brandy 65% alc./vol. (130 proof): $80.00 per gal.

- 100% Canadian Winter Wheat 96% alc./vol. (192 proof): $19.00 per gal.

- 100% Grain NGS 95% alc./vol. (190 proof): $15.00 per gal.

- 100% Pure Raspberry Eau De Vie 77.2% alc./vol. (154.4 proof): $150.00 per gal.