Once, during Prohibition, I was forced to live for days on nothing but food and water.  - W.C. Fields


Stillwater Spirits has been producing award winning Brandy, Grappa and Eau-de-Vie since 2004 at our custom facility at the Foundry Wharf in Petaluma, California.

We have a commitment to producing an unparalleled product. Through the careful application of traditional distillation techniques and modern scientific method we can guarantee results that will exceed your expectations.

Stillwater Spirits is also a custom distillation facility. We produce many exceptional products for our clients, and really enjoy what we do. Our facility is equipped for all aspects of production from raw material processing to bottling. If you have a project idea that you would like to develop please contact us.
If you are a potential client or someone just passionate about craft distilling and in the Petaluma area, we would be happy to give you a tour of our facilities.